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About Us

Creative Alcohol Solutions

Creative Alcohol Solutions (CAS) is a company formed out of a partnership between The Monterey Wine Company (MWC) and VA Filtration (VAF). The two companies agreed in 2005 to work together to provide DSP services for the growing Central Coast wine region. This was a natural partnership as both had the same belief in the importance of providing customers with great service and of always exceeding their expectations. Thus CAS was formed to provide the Central Coast wineries with access to alcohol adjustment services and offer Grape Brandy Spirits for fortifying wines.

Monterey Wine Company

Since launching its winery in King City in 2002 to fill the need for high quality services on the Central Coast, Monterey Wine Company has greatly expanded its customer base and production capabilities. It is now a highly regarded custom crush facility, and its customers include wineries not only from the Central Coast but throughout California.

VA Filtration

VA Filtration was formed in South Africa in 1990’s and has since expanded into the United States and Australia. In addition to the many filtering systems developed and employed to clarify wines, VAF has pioneered new technologies that allow winemakers to recover wines that have begun to spoil from TCA/TCB, Volatile Acidity, and Brett (4EP/4EG). Now in the 21st century they continue to develop new equipment and processes that benefit the entire industry.